Holiday travel and weather conditions


MASON CITY, Iowa – Kris Cassel is heading down south to Toledo Iowa to see her family this weekend.

She made a stop at Cabin Coffee in Mason City and tells me she is prepared for the weekend weather.

“Listen to the weather for one thing and then pack the car with various items such as water and blankets,” says Cassel.

But local law enforcement says many drivers are not driving with caution, which has caused several accidents.

“A lot of them sliding in the ditch, they’re driving too fast for conditions and they know it’s going to be bad out. I was sitting here on this one people are still coming up behind me 55 mph,” says Brian Feld, Cerro Gordo Sheriff Deputy.

As for Kris, she has some other tips for drivers.

“Slowdown that’s the big thing on the roads drive in the daylight if you can.”

“The best thing is if you feel yourself sliding let your foot off the gas and when you brake make it where so you just try to ride it out if you’ve got room to do it,’ says Feld.

And Feld recommends that you take your time so that you can arrive safely to your destination.

“Slowdown, take your time your loved ones can wait for you they’d rather wait a little while rather being a long time.”

Winter weather advisories are currently in affect for Iowa and Minnesota.

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