Last minute holiday shopping

MASON CITY, Iowa – Best Buy in Mason City was busy as last minute shoppers filled the stores to grab some  gifts.

That includes Brad Bull who was at home wrapping presents when he realized he needed one more gift.

“I’m usually a last minute shopper, but I’ve got some stuff early this year, so getting a little bit different,” says Bull.

Sales Floor Lead Christion Quaye says they have seen a huge amount of people coming in last minute for different items.

“A lot of customers have been coming in for like Amazon Echoes and Google Homes a lot of TV’s everyone wants some bigger TV’s and everything like that and a lot of people have been actually coming in for a washer and dryer’s,” says Christion.

But with a full staff it made it easy for customers to get in and out with their new purchases.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s many people as it is traditionally. We did go out on Black Friday and there was an extraordinary amount of people out, so that was kind of a first time for me but it was nice to come in here today to see it not so crowded and you can get in and get out,” says Brad

And customers also walked away with special promotions.

“Actually now that we have a couple Xbox deals that are combined with the televisions with Samsung televisions we have a couple of cool specials and hidden items throughout the store. They give you cool gift cards that you can actually keep or you can re-gift,” says Christion.

As for brad, he say she is glad to be done with shopping and is happy to have nice weather this Christmas.

“Well we do have a white Christmas so we haven’t had that for a while, so I am looking forward to that that, but I just don’t like the shoveling part.”

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