Algona Nativity Scene


ALGONA, Iowa – Algona was chosen as the base camp for German prisoners of war due to the labor needs in the area.

And has been a popular attraction for people near and far to travel to and learn the history.

“Well, my grandchildren are here from Texas and I kind of wanted them to experience this and see this. I told them on the way here, I told them the story about how it was built,” says Kathy Nelson, Attendee.

The month of December is known to be the most popular month for people to visit the site, according to Marvin who has been working over 30 years.

“72 years that the nativity has been shown in our community during December and six of those prisoners then decided that they wanted to build a nativity scene and they were Christian man in every way and they wanted to express their love for the Lord,” Schickering.

Roy Hutchison has been volunteering for ten years with the nativity scene and has worked on Christmas for the past four years.

“Without us volunteers throughout the month of December the nativity wouldn’t happen it will be closed and that is a shame,” says Hutchison.

Kathy says which is why it’s important for residents to come and show support.

“Because it’s in Algona, Iowa and how many residents haven’t been here, so it’s something that you shouldn’t take for granted because this is totally amazing that this is here in Algona, Iowa.”

As for Marvin he says, when people do come they always leave feeling impacted.

“Well people are first of all are very astounded with the size of it and it is not something that most people can comprehend and simply put they are amazed. I love to stand by the door and listen to the comments.”

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