Local woman makes afghans for veterans


CHARLES CITY, Iowa-  Janet Holder of Charles City has started making crocheted blankets for area veterans.

Holder said with her father and several other relatives serving in the military, she knows how difficult it can be to adjust when coming back from overseas. After seeing an article in a knitting catalog about offering help to veterans, she decided she wanted to do her part.

“They [veterans] deserve a little thank you. I even had one guy who went to the hospital and he took it [afghan] with him. He said I wouldn’t let anybody use it and I made sure i went home with it too.”

Holder said she’s already given out 23 of the 25 afghans.

Holder said she has been making blankets for more than 40 years. She started when she was pregnant with her daughter. She said now, the blankets are pretty easy for her to make.

“Usually I start with the red centers,” said Holder. “I make about as many centers as I can. There’s about 25 in each one of them. I keep going until I have enough, then I start with the gray and the blue and whatever colors there is.”

She said one veteran was so appreciate of the afghan, his family donated money so she could make a handful of blankets to give to other veterans as well.

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