Weather not stopping holiday travel


MASON CITY, Iowa – Out of the 103 million Americans expected to travel these holiday weekends, 94 million were expected to travel by car and it looks like the weather didn’t stop many.

It’s windy, a bit icy and a busy travel day for some.

“Well it’s pretty windy today so it might be harder going home, but we were planning on staying until today anyway,” Kelly Koenen from Newtown said.

“We came up on Friday it was that if you remember it was that in climate weather. It was raining, kind of sleeting, a little snow in Iowa, nothing that really affected the road travel,” David Weiss from St. Louis, Missouri said.

The weather wasn’t ideal but many pushed through it.

“Yesterday was kind of rough with the rain when we were going to church and trying to come home from church though,” Koenen said.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Nathan Snieder says he’s not surprised.  He didn’t expect the weather to stop anyone from traveling.

“Most people did a good job, the vast majority of people slowed down, paid attention to what was going on around them.  There were those who did find themselves off the paved portion of the roadway,” Snieder said.

Snieder says he was more impressed that the weather didn’t turn out to be as bad as he thought.

“I was happily surprised that most roads, the roads I worked on state highways and interstate stayed pretty clear.  There was a little bit of ice on the interstate up by Minnesota,” Snieder said.

Making this year’s holiday travel one some can’t complain too much about.

“Some years they’ve got plows, we’re literally trying to stay right behind them to get the road clear,” Weiss said.

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