Preventing asthma attacks during winter


BRITT, Iowa-  1 in every 14 Americans are currently diagnosed with Asthma, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Hancock County Health System Monica Christensen respiratory therapist said breathing in cold weather can irritate lungs, which can cause an asthma attack.

Christensen said it’s important to wear face masks or scarfs when going outside to prevent exposure to cold air. She said it’s also important to get a flu shot to prevent respiratory flu, which can be a major cause of asthma attacks in the winter.

“People who have asthma are much more prone to developing big problems with influenza and that happens in the cold as well as all the triggers they’re exposed to in the winter as well,” said Christensen.

She said dust and warm dry air from inside your home can also irritate your lungs. She recommend using a humidifier but make sure your relative humidity stays at about 45 percent to avoid growth of mold.

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