Delta Dental of Iowa donates thousands of toothbrushes


MASON CITY, Iowa – It may be the season of giving now, but Delta Dental of Iowa makes a habit of donating all year long, and one organization on the receiving end is the North Iowa Community Action Organization which received about 6,000 toothbrushes this year, for the Head Start and the I-Smile programs.

“In the classrooms we do tooth brushing with the children on a daily basis,” Community Liaison for Community Action Cindy Davis said. “And then our I-Smile program with community action also provides toothbrushes because they’re going out and checking the children’s teeth for healthiness and also doing fluoride varnishes.”

Delta Dental started donating toothbrushes in 2002 and in the last five years has doubled the amount they give out. And the company is making sure kids and families are getting more than just a tool to get those pearly whites clean.

“We ask for an educational component so we want to make sure that the children and the families that receive the toothbrushes also get some oral health education, learn about prevention learn about how often they should brush their teeth and why they should brush our teeth,” Public Benefit Manager for Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation Beth Jones said.

And Davis says they’re doing just that, teaching them lifelong skills about keeping their teeth healthy. She says it’s something the children enjoy as well.

“The children love it and it’s always so fun to see children ages two, three or four years old brushing their teeth on a daily basis and then they’re taking it home to their parents and talking about why it’s so important that they have to brush their teeth daily,” Davis said.

This year Delta Dental donated 350,000 toothbrushes. To apply, head to

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