Local woman wins $10,000 in two weeks


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – When Phyllis Stock from Charles City stopped down to her local Kwik Star, she didn’t realize she’d be walking out with a winning scratch off ticket, a $5,000 winner, but this wouldn’t be her first time.

After breaking her hip, Stock passed the time by playing lottery scratch off tickets.

“It takes a little bit of time to do it and I don’t crochet or knit. I like to read papers, but I don’t know just love it,” Stock said.

But she never expected what would happen next.

“I just couldn’t believe it, it was just, I thought they must have made a mistake,” Stock said.

Last week, Stock won $5,000 on scratch off.  She collected her winnings and thought, she couldn’t be luckier, until this week.

“And those girls just squealed, you said you got another big winner. It said you girls gave it to me, blessed it so,” Stock said.

She won again, another $5,000 on her favorite scratch off.  Mary Neubauer, Vice

President of the Iowa Lottery says it’s been a record-breaking year for scratch off sales and of course Powerball tickets.

“Obviously it became the thing that everyone was talking about.  We saw the player base really expand with first time players, occasional players jumping in. our sales were off the charts for 2016,” Neubauer said.

It’s hard to forget when the Powerball reached 1.6 billion dollars nearly a year ago.

Everyone participating contributed to the 88 million dollars that went to Iowa’s veterans and the state’s general fund.

“It goes to pay from everything from education, law enforcement, and agricultural programs. Lottery proceeds really help across the board here in Iowa and it was exciting to see the numbers so high,” Neubauer said.

For Stock it’s a win-win situation.  She’s contributing to a good cause and also to her family.

“My youngest son was with me and he couldn’t believe it either I tell you, just been amazing and so far Christmas I gave each of them 100 dollar bill,” Stock said.

Neubauer stresses while 2016 was a good year, she has no idea what 2017 will hold.

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