Northey in North Iowa


ST. ANSGAR, Iowa – Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey took time Thursday to visit several local businesses including Wold Rim and Wheel in St. Ansgar. Following one of the best years of farming production in Iowa, Northey is optimistic for the coming season.

“Really our best year of production we ever had,” Northey said. “We do need better prices both on the crop side and the livestock side, we’re hopeful going forward that we’re seeing some of that kind of stabilize. We found kind of a bottom in the corn in the soybean market and it’s not maybe as low as what we thought it could be.”

Northey was treated to a tour of the plant along with local politicians Waylon Brown and Jane Bloomingdale. It was also a good year for Wold Rim and Wheel with farming production high.

“We’ve stayed busy we’ve not had to cut any hours,” production manager Derrick Powers said. “It was a stable year, it wasn’t real busy but hopefully were looking we’ve grown I think we’re up 15 percent over where we were last year and we hope to have a solid spring to continue the growth.”

Powers is hoping the good news continues into this spring, and business continues to grow.

“We are optimistic that hopefully the farm economy continues to take off a little bit and we see some growth and that maybe the worst is behind us as far as the turn down in the farm economy,” he said.

And Northey understands the importance of supporting all aspects of agriculture.

“These gems of local ag jobs and things that make our agriculture more productive are just so important for the state of Iowa and then a lot of products produced here end up outside the state as well,” Northey said.

Northey also made stops in Riceville.

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