3 men arrested in Albert Lea

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- Three men are arrested during a prostitution sting in Albert Lea.

Yesterday the Albert Lea Police Department conducted their bi-annual “John & Jane” sweep.

The men arrested are 64-year-old Randall Grilz of Sheffield, IA, 64-year-old Roger Petzel of South Haven, MN and 57-year-old Kurt Roderick of Wixon, MN.  They are accused of solicitation of prostitution.

Grilz is being charged with a felony while Petzel and Roderick are being charged with gross misdemeanors.

Police say the sting is just part of a bigger law enforcement effort.

“We’re not trying to end human trafficking completely just by the Albert Lea Police Department’s efforts, but I think our piece along with everyone’s piece contributes to a great cause,” said Deputy Director JD Carlson with the Albert Lea Police Department.

Community members are taking more notice of human trafficking.

“I think people are aware that our agency and community has a focus and interest in it and leading them to not want to be involved in the sex business in Albert Lea,” said Carlson.

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