High number of fatal crashes in 2016

MASON CITY, Iowa- According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, there were 400 fatalities in Iowa during 2016 as of December 30th. The number of fatalities increased by 84 from the previous year.

Iowa State Patrol trooper Tyrel Williamson said although a lot of people may be busy and always on the go, it’s important to make sure you don’t speed. He said driving the legal speed limit can play a big part on whether you survive or not in an accident.

Williamson said drivers should make sure to pay attention to the road while driving and not technology.

“Whether you’re using a GPS or your cell phone,” said Williamson. “A lot of these cars now come with big monitors on the dash that are touch screen and you have to look at that to maybe change a radio station and in that meantime, you’re swerving in and out of lanes and not realizing it.”

In Minnesota, the department of transportation shows there have been 387 traffic fatalities as of December 22. In 2015, the number of fatalities was 411. In 2014, the number of fatalities was 361.


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