History of falls could affect driving

MASON CITY, Iowa – A study from AAA showed older drivers who have fallen in the past were around 40 percent more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle crash, compared to elderly people who have not fallen.

Falls can sometimes affect the driver’s ability to move properly, which increases the risk of a crash.

Mason City Police Department Lt. Frank Stearns recommended if you have an elderly friend or family member that has fallen or been injured, to let them know it might be the right time to get off the road.

“That’s something the whole family needs to be involved in, that never goes easy because you’re taking their last piece of freedom away from them. That’s (driving) their way of getting around and you’re taking that away,” said Stearns. “But really, when that time comes it really needs to be done or they’re going to hurt somebody else.”

Stearns said when an elderly person is involved in an accident and seems confused, officials will determine if they need to send them in for a driving and vision exam.

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