Rain and sleet create some slick and dangerous sidewalks


MASON CITY, Iowa – Those who travel by foot know they need to be careful when the ice and snow starts to pile up on the sidewalks.

“You need to kind of shuffle, if you shuffle your feet that should be a good job,” says Duane Jewell of Mason City. “I have been inside of the mall for about an hour so I don’t know how it is coming down now, but when I got here it was sleeting and building up a little bit. It can be dangerous for anyone out there, especially us older people.”

Though the Mason City city ordinance says it’s the property owners responsibility to clean the sidewalks within 24 hours of the snow or ice falling, some businesses don’t want to wait that long.

“The ice pellets are coming down making the sidewalks real slick real fast,” says Deb Rohne, Beanzy’s Coffee Co. Barista. “We’re trying to get some salt down and make sure everybody is safe.”

After that 24-hour period, the city will clean walkways if they receive a complaint, but property owners can expect a fine tacked on to the next time they pay their property tax.

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