The importance of knowing your family health history


MASON CITY, Iowa – A local man spent the holidays remembering those he’s lost this past year.  His brother died this year unexpectedly, which prompted him to look into his family health history.

Ben Hauge’s little brother Matt was playing in the World Poker 500 Tour this July.

Matt was found unresponsive in his hotel a day into the tournament.  Ben says Matt passed away from having an enlarged heart.  Their father died from the same thing four years before.

So Ben went to the doctor to make sure he wouldn’t be next.

“My first reaction when I found out that Matt passed away from an enlarged heart was why didn’t you go get checked four years ago when my dad passed away. He was 22, stubborn, he was healthy, he ran a lot so he probably didn’t think he had a problem,” Hauge said.

Ben has checked out with no heart issues.  He plans to continue to get checked for the issue every three to four years.

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