YMCA hosts open house to kick off 2017


ROCHESTER, Minn. – It’s the first Monday of the new year which means gyms and work out centers are keeping plenty busy. After all, losing weight is consistently one of the top resolutions people make each new year.

The Rochester Family YMCA held their annual open house, where all members of the community were welcome to try out programs and services the nonprofit has to offer free of charge. The event included open swim and opportunities to check out classes like Zumba, cycle, and cardio complete.

One of the new programs for 2017 is a small group fitness class called TRX.

“TRX is a functional movement training,” explains Jaimie Richards, the Healthy Living Director. “What’s wonderful about it is you can make it as hard or as easy as you want.”

Richards knows that while many people have good intentions of getting into a workout routine for the new year, only a small number of them actually stick with it. She has found that joining group fitness classes is one way that can help people stay motivated.

“If you come to a group fitness class, people are going to start to know you, know your name and expect to see you every week and they’re going to be missing you when you’re not there. “That’s one of the factors that a lot of people drop out, is they don’t have that motivation.”

While not every resolution is about fitness, not everyone joins YMCA communities to just work out.

“There’s a lot of diversity here, there’s a lot of cultural differences here,” explains Kristopher Loving, a Membership Services Coordinator. “So a person can not only get healthy and get in shape but they can also make some social advances and learn something that they didn’t know, meet someone they would have never met before.”

For the first time during these annual events, the “Y” collected canned food donations for the Channel One Regional Food Bank. Anyone who brought food to donate was entered into a raffle to win prizes, including a 6-month membership.

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