International travel

MASON CITY, Iowa – With the latest terror attack at an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s and many other attacks in 2016, some are becoming more afraid to travel.

“I can imagine what people are thinking and going through. I still say try anyway I know sometimes it can be kind of crippling if they’ve had family members involved or what not unless you live day today and don’t think about all the troubles and issues, then you’ll be fine,” says Mary Rostro-Rubio.

Pamela Osgood, airport manager in Mason City says thankfully they haven’t seen a drop in passengers.

“I don’t believe that we’ve seen a decrease in passengers coming in and out of the airport here in Mason city and I think they feel safe to travel throughout the country and I think everything that the airports do to keep people safe are in place,” says Osgood.

She says despite what is happening around the world, people should not be fearful because of the work they do on their end.

“I personally feel that people shouldn’t be afraid to travel. You want to be able to live your life and go visit different parts of the world and not be disturbed by things that could happen at the airport. You have to trust that proper procedures are in place.”

“With all the new rules and stuff and security procedures in place you know they’ve kind of convenience all of the extra stuff that you can bring on and you know make it a little bit easier to travel,” says Mary.

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