Iowa legislative preview for 2017

MASON CITY, Iowa- The new 2017 legislative session in Iowa will begin Jan. 9.

Lawmakers’ from across the state visited the Mason City Public Library on Tuesday to discuss what’s on this year’s agenda and talk to community members.

People raised concerns about issues such as the environment, education and healthcare issues. Iowa State Senator Rob Hogg said the privatization of Medicaid is an issue people may have to deal with for the next two years under Republican control, but not necessarily forever.

“What it means is we’re going to need a lot of oversight, because it’s wrong when Iowa [Medicaid] patients are denied services, it’s wrong when Iowa providers are denied payments or delayed payments,” said Hogg. “It’s not good for taxpayers when the answer is from the private companies, ‘Well now that we’re here, give us more money'”.

Iowa State Representative Jane Bloomingdale said some key issues she will bring up this legislative session are water quality and education funding.

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