String of Rochester burglaries continues

UPDATE: A recent string of burglaries in Rochester continued Wednesday when a neighbor in the 1800 block of 18 1/2 St. NW called police to say three younger people were at the house next door and broke a window before taking off running.

Police say it fits the same pattern seen in recent weeks.

Previous coverage below. 

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Rochester police are investigating a string of recent residential burglaries that have happened west of Highway 52 and north of 55th St.

Investigators say most have happened within the past two weeks. One was reported just before midnight Monday from the 1100 block of 26th Ave. NW. The man inside the home heard their doorbell ring and a window break about five minutes later. He called 911 but the suspect got away by that point without taking anything.

About three hours later, an officer on patrol on Savannah and White Pine Drive NW noticed someone hanging out of a BMW and then three men in their late teens running way.

Officers reportedly lost them in a nearby wooded area. Police called the BMW’s owner who said they were in Wisconsin and the car should have been in their garage. When investigators went to the home, the garage door was open and it appears the suspected burglars got in through a sliding glass door.

If you see something suspicious, the Rochester Police Department urges you to report it.


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