Austin Daily Herald is burglarized

AUSTIN, Minn.- Houses aren’t the only places being burglarized in our area. On Wednesday, police say they arrested a man after he broke into a local newspaper office.

According to Chief Brian Krueger with the Austin Police Department, someone broke into Austin Daily Herald around 3:30 AM.

32-year-old Brandon Ingersoll was arrested and could possibly face 3rd-degree burglary charges.

After responding to the scene, police set up a perimeter around the building and blocked the east entrance. No one else was inside the building at the time.

They say Ingersoll left the building from the south door. Officers caught up to him and say they found stolen office supplies in his backpack.

Chief Krueger says you can’t necessarily stop a burglary from happening, but you can be more cautious.

“You should secure your doors in the evening. Even when you’re home, just don’t leave them unlocked,” said Krueger. “Make sure they are secure. If you have deadbolts make sure you use them. That’s an extra layer that for someone who does want to get in has to face. It gives you more time to call us and to arrive on scene.”

Police are still investigating and Ingersoll is being held at the Mower County Jail.


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