Surf District Rock ‘N Roll Grill

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The Surf District Rock ‘N Roll Grill opened their doors for a sneak peek to city officials and staff members of the Surf Ballroom, with whom they have a partnership.

“Well we thought it would be a great idea to have a rock ‘n roll restaurant with music being our theme, we wanted to emulate a kind of Hard Rock Café but do it that is unique to the Surf,” says  Grant Maulsby, Owner.

Laurie Leitz, the executive director of the surf ballroom and museum, says due to the amount of memorabilia they have it was the perfect opportunity to connect with the new restaurant.

“A lot of the memorabilia that we have over at the restaurant is more modern, more edgy and rock ‘n roll, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase some of our history in a different facet of it.”

Buddy Holly is one of the artists showcased inside of the restaurant.

The grill also features a live band section, standing capacity room for 190 people and drinks and food.

“The food is just a little bit of everything we’ve got appetizers, flatbreads, wraps, burgers, chicken sandwiches, steaks and fish,” says Maulsby

As for Laurie, she says the opening of the new grill comes just in time for the 2017 Winter Dance Party.

“We already have ticket purchasers who are coming from 30 different states and six foreign countries, so we anticipate another great week with cold weather.”

The Surf District Rock N’ Roll Grill is expected to open within the next week.

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