Veal to be mentally evaluated


MASON CITY, Iowa – Peter Veal appeared in court Wednesday for a hearing in regard to his mental state.

He’s accused of murdering Melinda Kavars and Caleb Christensen in Mason City this past November. He’s also accused of attempting to murder a man who witnessed the whole scene.

Veal’s mother, Leann Veal, says her son had been living with her this past year.

Veal’s mother told the court that while he was living in her home, she caught him talking to himself, acting erratically, and says he told his sister he was hallucinating.

She also says Veal believed she was trying to poison him.

“He accused me of it,” Leann said.

“Even you?” Veal’s attorney Steve Kloberdanz asked.

“Put salt and pepper on his food and he told me I was trying to poison him,” Leann responded.

The judge ruled Veal to be psychiatrically evaluated.

Scott Brown with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office says once Veal is evaluated, he’d like to see the report come in in seven to 10 days later.

Veal has also asked for a change in venue due to media coverage — that has not been ruled on.

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