Cedar River Watershed District has a new project

AUSTIN, Minn.- The Cedar River Watershed District is hoping to make it a little easier for canoes and kayaks to get in and out of the cedar river.

Starting this year kayakers will have an easier and cleaner way to start their paddling adventures here at the Cedar River State Water Trail.

The Cedar River Watershed District is receiving a $2,000 grant from the Austin Area Foundation. They will use the money to build a walk-in access right behind Marcusen Park Baseball Stadium.

They’re hoping the launch pad will stretch 36 feet along the Cedar River’s shoreline.

Tim Ruzek, Outreach Coordinator for Cedar River Watershed District, believes folks will get a lot of use out of their new project.

“It will help to have a nice dedicated access so everyone can launch at the same time,” said Ruzek. “They won’t have a rocky surface and they’ll now have a clean entry into the water so things don’t get mucky of muddy.”

The project is expected to be done by later spring or early summer.

The Watershed District is also partnering up with the City of Austin to help design the new river access landing. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will install it.

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