Gas prices expected to rise in 2017

KIMT News 3 – In 2017, drivers in the U.S. can expect to fork over an additional 52 billion dollars for fuel than they paid last year.

The reason for the spike is an agreement made with big oil companies in November.

Eldon Meyers with K & H Energy says it all stems from the organization of petroleum exporting countries known as OPEC.  They decided to cut production and as the supply goes down, you should expect prices to go up.

A medium size car takes about 15 gallons to fill up, current unleaded gas prices sit at $2.12, reaching total of $32.00 to fully fill up.

In 20-17, with expected prices to be at $2.49, filling up fully will cost you around $37.00.

“$2.49 is probably for summer, fairly likely far as it blowing way past that, going up to 3.50 like we saw in 2012 not very likely,” Meyers, Operations Manager at K & H Energy said.

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