House Speaker Upmeyer talks about upcoming legislative session


MASON CITY, Iowa- The 2017 Iowa legislative session will begin Jan. 9.

House Speaker Linda Upmeyer said there is a lot planned for the upcoming legislative year which starts with balancing the budget since revenue estimates are coming in lower for 2017. She said the first order of business is working to put a bill together that deals with the budget and making adjustments.

Upmeyer said water quality is another important issue. She said last year, the House passed a funding bill for water quality projects that would use dollars from the general fund as well as infrastructure dollars, but the bill didn’t pass in the Senate. She said they’re planning on looking at that again this year and work to approve a bill that will be beneficial for all Iowans.

“We want to make sure we’re shooting at the target so to speak,” said Upmeyer. “Making sure we know what accomplishments and landmarks along the way will get us to our goal, so having conversation about that and looking for resources simultaneously with looking for resources to devote to water quality.”

Upmeyer said they’ll also be focusing on funding for supplemental state aid for schools, early on during the legislative session.

She said one of her interests is to continue moving forwarded for funding for access to women’s health clinics, to create more places where women can receive care.


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