Not guilty plea in Mower County standoff

Tyler Hill
Tyler Hill

AUSTIN, Minn. – A man is pleading not guilty after an armed standoff that ended in pepper spray and smoke.

37-year-old Tyler John Hill of Austin is charged with a pattern of stalking conduct, terrorist threats, stalking with possessing a dangerous weapon, two counts of violating an order of protection, two counts of violating a domestic abuse no contact order and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Hill was arrested on December 10 after engaging in a standoff with law enforcement for almost half a day at a home on 115th Street in Lyle Township.  A woman called the Mower County Sheriff’s Office around 6:16 am and said she believed Hill was at their home, violating court orders against him.

Deputies established a perimeter and allegedly saw Hill stick his head out a window and start yelling at them.  He appeared to be holding an object that could have been a shotgun or rifle.  Negotiators established telephone contact with Hill and he allegedly said he wanted to see his children and would not leave the home.  Hill also allegedly threatened to shoot the next deputy who came onto the driver way, then reportedly claimed he wanted to die and wanted deputies to shoot him in the head.

At about 4:46 pm, a green laser light was pointed out of the home and at a squad car.  The Special Incident Response Team arrived and fired six pepper spray rounds into the home.   Authorities say that Hill tried to surrender but then went back inside.  Three more pepper spray rounds were fired into the home and a smoke weapon was deployed in the basement.  Hill was then taken into custody.

Law enforcement says they found a 12 gauge shotgun inside the home, along with one live round and one spent shell.  Hill allegedly took the shotgun from his father’s home.  Hill is barred from possessing firearms because of previous convictions for assault and criminal vehicular homicide.

He is now scheduled to stand trial on April 24 in Mower County District Court.  Hill remains in jail on $500,000 bond.

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