Osage deals with snowmobile problems

OSAGE, Iowa – Lynn Hinders enjoys snowmobiling, when conditions are good.

“When we go snowmobiling we like to have a groomed trail to ride on,” Hinders said. “They charge us for the groomer so we like to see the groomer out and stay on the trails because it’s easier to ride then bouncing in the ditches.”

The city of Osage allows snowmobiles in town, if you are going directly from one destination to another. There is also a trail that goes right into town.

However, some property owners say they’ve found tracks in their driveways, sidewalks and yards from the machines.

“A lot of them have extra hard metal on the blades and some of the cleats on their tracks and when they cross the street, they cross the driveways and they run on sidewalks and leave marks,” Mayor Steve Cooper said.

Cooper says it’s an issue they’ve had each winter for the past few years and it’s hard for the police to patrol. If it continues to be a problem, other action may need to be taken.

“The alternative would be to prohibit snowmobiles from being in the community at all and we don’t want to do that either,” he said.

For Hinders he tries to be as respectful as possible when out riding.

“We try to stay out of the yard,” Hinders said. “There are areas where you have to cross driveways and such to get in and out but that’s common courtesy, I mean you wouldn’t want them on your yard doing that so you do what you can to protect their yard.”

Hinders says he wouldn’t have a problem with people riding through his yard, as long as they are riding on snow and not on grass.

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