Peak alerts in freezing conditions


KIMT-TV 3 NEWS – Three cooperatives have issued peak alerts.

mienergyMiEnergy Coop, which provides electricity to more than 18,600 members in northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota, says it is necessary because of a high demand for power.  The peak alert will begin at 4:50 pm and affects grain dryers, electrical heating systems and water heaters.

The peak alert is expected to last until 11 pm.  Coop members are required to have backup systems capable of heating the entire house and water heaters large enough to provide hot water during these load control periods.freeborn-mower-coop

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services and Heartland Power Cooperative are also issuing a peak alert until 8 pm because the intense cold and wind chill is increasing electrical usage.  Members are asked to avoid using any appliances until after 8 to help keep electric costs low.

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