Students receive internship opportunities

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- City Officials in Albert Lea are reaching out to college students in hopes that they’ll be interested in internships from area businesses.

Students at Waldorf University now have the opportunity to get some hands on learning experience in a field they’re interested in. City leaders in Albert Lea are teaming up with different organizations from around town to offer internships.

“With our workforce needs there are a lot of vacancies in the community,” said Chad Adams, Albert Lea’s City Manager. “We have had businesses to fill the spots for some of these internships.”

Some of those businesses are Albert Lea’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, St. John’s Lutheran Community and Intego Insurance and Financial Group.

“There is just a real difference in how 20-year-old are buying insurance and financial products so for us we can pick their brains and at the same time let them learn about both sides of our business,” said Brian Hensley, Financial Adviser for Intego Financial Group.

This opportunity isn’t just benefiting the students.

“We wanted to have different employees that could come in and an internship is a great opportunity to bring someone younger in that brings a different mentality,” said Hensley. “They get to see what the business is like and let us get to see how they view the business.”

Adams knows firsthand the importance of having an internship under your belt.

“It’s one of the most important things about my educational background so I value that when I hire interns,” said Adams.

Adams and his team have also reached out to NIACC and Riverland Community College to start internship programs too.

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