Lack of frozen pipes


MASON CITY, Iowa – You may not be a fan of the snow, but it could be saving you from dealing with frozen pipes.

In 2014, Mason City saw 40 reports of frozen pipes and Albert Lea reported nearly 60.

So far this year, there have been almost no reports of pipes bursting in the cold.  City officials say there have been reports of frozen water meters, but, they add the snow that’s covering the ground is keeping the pipes from freezing.

Mark Rahm, Mason City’s City Engineer says those who work on the pipes when that happens are getting a nice break.

“Usually it seems like most of the come during the night, when it’s the coldest, the most awful working conditions, so it’s probably been a nice break for them,” Rahm said.

City officials say frost levels haven’t reached depths to where they experience problems quite yet.  Albert Lea reports frost levels at 2.5 feet deep currently, issues typically happen when frost is five feet deep.

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