Trinity Lutheran Church mission trip


ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Albert Lea are gathering together to plan their 2017 mission trip to Cincinnati.

Pastor Eileen Woyen is no stranger to mission trips and has been on 16 trip and says it takes a lot of work.

“The kids are super excited about going. It will take a lot of pre-work and also fundraising, so we hope that everybody can help us get there but there is a good spirit of service with our kids,” says Woyen.

The church is working with Youth Works, an organization that provides Christ centered mission trips to students and adults.

The trip is open to anyone from 8th graders to seniors in high school.

“I’m excited about picking we’re going and what we’re going to do when we get there,” says Alexi Heavner, Youth Member.

Eileen says it’s important for the youth to go through this experience to help others.

“I think is important because we get to live out our faith when we are going out into the world not only learning about how to be Christians, but living how to be Christians.”

“A bunch of people gathered to help other people that need help and the church gets closer together by going on trips and you can meet new people,” says Heavner.

And Eileen says the ultimate goal is to help make them better people.

“Make them stronger disciples for Christ and have their faith stronger in the process.”

Church members and youth will head to Cincinnati July 23rd through the 28th.

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