Don’t forget your trash

VENTURA, Iowa- Ice fishing enthusiasts are embracing the winter weather. If you’re one of them, remember to clean up after yourself.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist Scott Grummer said beverage cans and bait contains have been left behind out on the ice and in parking lots this year.

“Even one of our local bait shops posted a picture of someone that left some beverage contains and some paper trash on the ice and said ‘lets not leave this on the ice, whether it’s the person who generated it or even somebody that sees it, just pick up and try to keep our resources clean,” said Grummer.

Grummer said garbage can freeze onto the ice and eventually melt into the water.

“Just have a grocery sack or some sort of bag to take any trash that you generate on your trip to dispose in your trash receptacle when you get home,” said Grummer.


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