Local family impacted by an Autism diagnosis to share their story at UMR

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Sine their son was diagnosed with severe Autism in 2003, the Trahan family has been on a mission to turn the negative diagnosis into something positive.

On Tuesday evening, Brad Trahan and the rest of his family including son Reese will speak at the University of Minnesota Rochester for their UMR Connects speaker event.

Brad says they will talk about how Autism has impacted not only Reese, who turns 17 in April, but the entire family. He says it’s important for them to expose the day-to-day stressors families like theirs go though.

“We feel that by educating community members, that these families will get more support, these individuals will get more support, they’ll be more accepted into society and people will have a better understanding. I think in all walks of life if we have a better understanding about things and educate ourselves about things, no matter the topic, it’s a lot easier and better for everybody involved.”

The Trahan’s are committed to advocating for families impacted by Autism, and have event been involved in legislative efforts to do so. Brad, who was once chair of the Minnesota Autism Task Force helped create a strategic plan to show law makers how Autism will affect the state and taxpayers.

The family will present at UMR Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. and Brad tells us a little bit of what those in attendance can expect.


“There going to get some laughing moments, and they’ll probably have some moments of tears, and they’re going to walk out of there far more educated about what autism brings to the table than they bring in. We do laugh, and we do cry and the fact is its real life. The one thing that our family is committed to, being in this town for 36 years, is we will do everything we can to help any other family or child that’s under this diagnosis.”



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