Minnesota DNR is draining water levels in two lakes


KIMT News 3- An increase in carp is leading the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to lower water levels in two southern Minnesota lakes.

Rice Lake at the Rice Lake State Park is one of them and the other is Goose Lake in Waseca County. Both bodies of water will have low water levels until the end of winter.

The Minnesota DNR made this decision after seeing an increase in carp last spring and summer. Carp reduces water quality in nutrient-rich lakes and they destroy water plants.

“They’re basically ruining the water quality in our lakes and causing us to have much more problems with algae,” said Jeanine Vorland, Area Wildlife Manager for Minnesota DNR. “So they could become a really big issue as far as water pollution is concerned.”

Vorland says lowering the water levels as much as possible will improve wildlife habitat.

“This part of the continent is really important for wildlife breading,” said Vorland. “From a water quality standpoint, we’d rather see clear water than green water and also rebuild a habitat area for birds.”

They will have the water levels back to normal by spring.



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