Special elections coming to Mason City

MASON CITY, Iowa -Mason City City Council had two big projects to discuss Monday night: one in regards to a levy, the other agreeing on a timeline to get a hotel and lease agreement in place in downtown Mason City.

The timeline to get a hotel in downtown Mason City was laid out and agreed on by city council members.  Council will interview and approve on a person to build a hotel and federal avenue lofts by March.  Residents will vote on a lease agreement with Southbridge Mall in connection to the building of an ice arena in it come August.  Another topic discussed was a capital improvement levy.  A levy, city leaders say, will help pay for smaller purchases with the city of one big one, but it was made clear it would not help pay for city projects like the downtown proposed plan.

“We’re looking at it as using it for the normal purchases we would make of computers, video camera units, even help supplement a street project if they were to be that need,” Brent Trout, City Administrator said.

If council approves a special election to happen for the levy on January 17th, people will be asked to cast their vote come March.  Then five months later, will be the downtown lease agreement vote.

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