Students learn English through NIACC program


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Local students who may need help improving their English will soon have the opportunity to do so thanks to local programs in the area.

Virginia Smith has been teaching English as a second language for the past five years at North Iowa Area Community College in Charles City.

“The fact that they come here and they already know a little bit, they learned that from movies and they learned it from different avenues from school, but yet they really don’t know the language or the idioms until they actually come here and we teach them,” says Smith.

Jhansi Vajrala is a student from India who says she is thankful the help of the ESL program.

“I have the master’s degree and I have a little bit of the communications and everything, but I don’t know the proper pronunciation and I did not understand the other people’s pronunciation to.”

And there are other programs available like Hiset, which helps students get their diploma.

“These people do not have a high school diploma for some reason and they come here and I teach the math, science, reading, social studies and writing,” says Judy Budwig, Literacy Instructor.

As for Virginia, she says her goal is to make more people aware of the resources they have.

“I just want to have people know and let others aware of this program. It’s very beneficial and helpful, but we also need to realize that this is a commitment.”

“I’m looking for the job that’s why I can improve my communication and pronunciation and understand each and everyone’s point and after that I’m eligible for the job,” says Jhansi.

There will be an open house held this Wednesday at the Charles City NIACC Center from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for the Hiset and ESL programs.

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