Bad road conditions hit the area Tuesday

CERRO GORDO COUNTY, Iowa – As daylight appeared in north Iowa, so did the bad weather. semi after car after semi were in the ditches along Interstate 35 this morning as road conditions worsened.

“Starting around 7 this morning the roads were extremely icy,” Iowa State Patrol Trooper Brett Lewis said. “We had several vehicles and semis go in the ditches, in the median, jackknife and cause accidents. Since then it started to snow and the wind has picked up and the roads have just continuously been bad all day long.”

Truck drivers are doing their best to stay safe. David Orwig started in St. Paul Monday night, drove to Cedar Rapids and is on his way back to St. Paul.

“Last night they were really slick especially Minnesota roads,” Orwig said. “It wasn’t too bad once I got back in Iowa, the snow didn’t start until on my way back up.”

Orwig doesn’t want to end up like those in the ditch. But he’s been driving trucks for a while and says staying safe depends on what he’s carrying.

“It depends on how much weight you’re carrying to how much traction you have,” Orwig said. “I’ve been driving for 37 years.”

And the Iowa State Patrol has a message if you’re thinking about heading out.

“Slow down, drive safe and if you don’t have to drive anywhere I would just stay home,” Lewis said.

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