Campus violence prevention training at Waldorf University


FOREST CITY, Iowa- The next semester at Waldorf University doesn’t start until Wednesday but employees made their way to campus for violence and respect training on Monday.

Employees participated in a role-playing scenario, where an armed intruder is terrorizing the campus and employees are forced to respond.

“Be it on the campus, be it when they’re traveling, be it through the mall or movie theater,” said Tim Felton of Eagle Ridge Tactical Consulting. “And checking their surroundings so they know if an intruder was to come in how they would get out.”

One method Felton taught employees is the OODA Loop. “Which is a distraction, because we know if there is a threat and we want the staff to get away and not deal with, is movement, noise and distraction,” said Felton. “And gives them that time to get away.”

Dean of Students Jason Ramaker said the training is all about learning what to do in different situations. “So our employees have practice and know what to do if they’re in a classroom, if they’re in an open area say it’s the library, the atrium, the gymnasium or something of that sort.”

Felton said if employees take the training seriously, it could prevent a tragedy from occurring all together.

“Stop a threat before it even happens.” said Felton.

The training also included sessions on sexual misconduct, campus respect & bystander intervention.

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