More infected deer found in Fillmore County

PRESTON, Minn. – Two more deer in southeastern Minnesota have tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says these two adult female deer were killed within a mile of the first two deer that tested positive for CWD.  If these new results are confirmed, it would mean the disease has been found in five deer in the Preston area.

This new discovery could prompt the removal of more deer to better assess the presence of CWD.

“We won’t make any final decisions until after Janunary 15 when the special hunt concludes,” said Lou Cornicelli, DNR wildlife research manager.  “But with the discovery of an infected deer 5 miles north of Preston and these two new presumptive positive deer, it’s prudent that we increase our original surveillance goal of sampling 900 adult deer.”

Through January 7, hunters have killed 575 deer in the established disease management zone.  Initial test results have been received for 272 samples.

“Our best chance at containing the spread of CWD and hopefully eliminating the disease is to take quick and aggressive action,” Cornicelli said.  “Asking landowners and hunters to reduce the deer population helps minimize the spread of disease. Fewer deer means less deer-to-deer contact occurs, lowering the risk of sick deer transmitting CWD to healthy deer.”

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