Protecting customers from slip and fall accidents


MASON CITY, Iowa-  Businesses are salting parking lots to help their customers get inside safely, but slipping can happen even after customers enter the store.

Andy Ferguson, assistant manager at Hy-Vee in Mason City, said unfortunately with the wintry weather, snow and water is being tracked inside by people and shopping carts. He said employees constantly monitor the store to make sure no one slips and falls.

“We’ll post signs, wet floor signs, and take dry mops and make sure that whole is wiped up well so no one will fall,” said Ferguson.

State Farm insurance agent Clinton Thomas said it’s important to clean up any wet areas on floors to prevent a claim from being filed against your business.

“If somebody does slip and fall, you haven’t done anything to maintain it, you could be held legally liable for that,” said Thomas.

Ferguson said team work helps effectively monitor all areas of the store. “I think the more involved you have your employees, the better off the overall store is regarding the safety and integrity of it, so people don’t slip and fall.”

Thomas recommended people to remember to wear the proper shoes that aren’t going to be slick, take your time, and take smaller steps to prevent falling.




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