There are some tricks you can do to stay warm this winter


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- From freezing rain to snow to extreme cold we’ve seen our share of winter weather recently and everyone has their own tricks for staying warm. We’re finding out what works and what doesn’t.

“I always make sure I have warm boots and something on my ears and dress in layers because look at this weather it’s 20 below one day and 30 degrees the next,” said Susie Petersen of Albert Lea. “You have to be dressing in layers and be smart about it.”

“I always try to throw a scarf on with my outfits. A lot of times it just keeps my neck warm and I heard keeping your neck warm is important in the winter,” said Laura Cunningham of Albert Lea.

A common myth for staying warm in the winter is wearing a hat will prevent your body from getting cold, but that’s not true.

“If you have skin that’s exposed you’re going to lose the most amount of heat in that area where your skin is exposed so it’s important to cover up as much as possible,” said Sue Yost, Freeborn County Public Health.

Another popular myth: drinking alcohol will help you stay warm, but don’t be fooled by that one.

“That’s very much a myth because it will not keep you warm. It may in the moment, but not for the long haul,” said Petersen.

What about the common thought that washing your hands will help you stay healthy in the winter?

“Washing your hands is really important to prevent infections from spreading,” said Yost. “So if you cough in your hands or sneeze, make sure to wash your hands as soon as possible.”


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