Hotels booked after wintry mix hits


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The Iowa State Patrol is calling Tuesday’s weather not the worst they’ve seen, but quite unique.

Troopers reported 77 crashes all day Tuesday.  Minnesota State Patrol saw 376 crashes from five am to 8:30 Tuesday night.

The Super 8 in Clear Lake started getting calls around noon.  By 4:30pm, those in need of place to stay had booked every room the hotel had to offer.  Iowa State Patrol says they work together with gas stations and hotels to make sure people have a safe place to go when bad weather strikes. Super 8 Front Desk Manager Lisa Latch says they were ready.

“We stock up on different items whenever. Breakfast items, put extra stuff in the rooms, and are prepared for when the weather comes we have all our rooms ready,” Latch said.

Those at the Super 8 say this isn’t the first time they’ve filled up due to winter weather so far this year.  Iowa State Patrol Sergeant Dana Knutson says his troopers haven’t seen the number of accidents that happened Tuesday in a long time.  Knutson says troopers were busy Tuesday night, as many semis hauling empty trailers had been blown into the ditches along Interstate 35.

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