Interactive exhibits

ALBERT LEA, Minn.- The Freeborn County Historical Museum is looking to get more people involved in their exhibits by offering something new.

Kim Nelson, Executive Director for the Freeborn County Historical Museum, says they’re looking to add interactive exhibits in some of their rooms.

People will be able to go up to one of the nine iPads that will be displayed and press the ‘play’ button. The iPad will then talk about what is in the case and give a little history on the objects being displayed.

The Marion Ross and the Veteran’s exhibit is a couple of the ones that will have the interactive displays.

Nelson says this is an opportunity for visitors to have more of a hands-on experience.

“Some of them actually have TV’s already that might have video so we would just enhance that video,” said Nelson. “We also want to add a third dimension where kids and adults can do some more hands-on things with the displays and have them coming to life even more.”

In order to pay for the exhibits the museum will write grant proposal requests to the state and also hold fundraisers throughout the year. They will have their first fundraiser on January 20th. For more information contact the Freeborn County Historical Museum.

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