More people moving away from Iowa and Minnesota

MASON CITY, IOWA –  A recent study done by an American moving company shows more people are moving out of Iowa as opposed to moving in.

Now officials are concerned for what this could mean for the state.

Last year more people moved out of Iowa and Minnesota than those who moved in, leaving Iowa and Minnesota’s migration destination numbers in a deficit.

The study done on those migrating in and out of the state was an informal study by Atlas Van Lines, but was backed by scientific information from the census.

Economists say that getting people to move here requires offering the right jobs and rather than focusing on those leaving the state, they would prefer to study how to get people to move here.

One area that has created a cause for concern is job pay, which is crucial to attracting older movers.

Local officials say they agree.

Colleen Frein with the Mason City Chamber of Commerce says, “Our employers know that they have to pay a competitive wage in order to attract employees and keep them with that company, that’s one thing I know that employers are looking at doing.”

One program the chamber has going right now is called Community Concierge.

The program allows potential area employees to connect with area organizations, schools and places of employment for their spouse before they move to our area.

Atlas Van Lines also reports nearly 57 percent of all those who moved in Iowa last year were people leaving the state.

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