Online privacy tips

MASON CITY, Iowa – Whether you like it or not, much of your personal information is available to just about anybody online.

One website is providing a possible option for erasing some of that sensitive information.

Family Tree Now is a website where such records can be found.

We did a simple search with some of our staffers and found lots of info-like past and present home addresses, relatives and phone numbers.

However, the site claims you can “opt” out and get your information erased, but it may not be that easy.

“A lot of the stuff that are public records are just that public records and so you’ve got hundreds if not thousands of websites that will be able to put all that information out there. So if you feel the need to go to some of the most popular ones search for yourself and see what you can find and usually you can request that the information is taken down,” says Adam Federick, President of WebWise Solutions.

Adam says depending on the company, it can take up top 72 hours to remove your personal information from the website.

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