Two groups look to educate folks on water quality


MASON CITY, Iowa- Water is Life was held at the the First Congregational Church in Mason City on Thursday with around 30 people donating to help efforts to stop the Bakken Pipeline.

Those hosting the event say the at-will donations for the soup super are going towards a group to sue Exon Mobile. Folks got a chance to learn a little about the issue from the in our area how have traveled to some of the native lands that were potentially going to be effected.

“I wasn’t sure how much money we be able to raise because we are a small community and it takes a bit to get us excited but I really did want to bring the commute together and let them be aware,” says Tahmyrah Lytle, the Event Coordinator.

Following that meeting Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement held a meeting to discuss possible legislation they feel will threaten the states water quality.

“Right now they’re trying to figure out how to fund water quality efforts so what we at Iowa CCI have been saying over and over again is that the polluters who are causing the water quality issues should be the ones to clean up the mess not the taxpayers,” says Erica Blair, Community organizer for Iowa CCI.

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