A lot of planning goes in to ice storms


KIMT News 3- Our area is expected to have an ice storm starting Sunday night and continuing to Tuesday morning meaning officials are starting to plan ahead.

Those with the State Patrol are the ones who will initiate a tow ban on the interstates, while Sheriff’s Offices will set one in place if the rural and country roads become too dangerous.

The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office says they look at how icy the roads are as well as the visibility of the roads. They say putting a tow ban in place is for everyone’s safety including the tow truck drivers having to drive in the snow.

Those with the City of Mason City say they will only tow cars if the city police department is called. They will have salt and sand trucks patrolling the streets if conditions get bad.

School districts are also keeping an eye on the weather for next week. Forest City Superintendent Darwin Lehmann says they follow several different local weather services to check conditions. Officials at Charles City Schools drive bus routes before the day starts to see if travel is safe.

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