Salt vs. Sand During Winter

MASON CITY, Iowa. – Kevin Greiner, store manager at Kramer Ace Hardware in Mason City is staying busy restocking shelves.

He’s got what people want; ice melt and salt.

“There’s a lot of businesses and people that are out of stuff that people need because of the high demand of the products,” says Greiner.

Normally he’s got sand, too, but he’s out.

Those dealing with yet another Midwest storm want to know the difference between the various ice treatments.

“Well the sand and grit is what you put on there to get some traction and the ice melt is what you put on there to get rid of the ice and snow,” says Greiner.

Leanna Johnson is no stranger to the winter weather.

She’s learning all the right recipes to deal with what’s old man winter leaves behind.

“When we first moved in here we didn’t have the sand and the salt that we normally have and my husband fell and ended up breaking his back, but now we use the sand and the salt and we seem to get along real fine,” says Johnson.

“Ideally you want to mix the sand with the salt that way you have the traction while the salt is working and doing his job there,” says Greiner.

Kevin has other ideas to keep you from slipping and sliding.

“With salt you want to put it out and let it do its job, break it down and then go out there and remove the ice that way it’s not going to deteriorate your concrete on your sidewalk there.”

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