Smoke free homes seminar

MASON CITY, Iowa- The Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health is educationg landlords on smoke-free homes.

The program teaches people the proper way to adopt a smoke free policy in a lease agreement

“A lot of people have an unwritten policy that when they have new tenants check in, that they verbalize this in the agreement, but for their protection and for future families, and everybody’s protection, it’s better to have it in writing,” said Tobacco Program Coordinator Penny McCaslin.

Landlords are also able to see how they can connect with people looking for smoke free properties on the Smoke Free Homes website. “So that tenants looking for homes can search, I mean down to the street, down to the town, you can really do a local search for what’s available in Cerro Gordo County or Mason City.”

McCaslin said 75 percent of Iowa renters surveyed said they would prefer to live somewhere that is smoke free compared to somewhere that allows smoking.




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