Adam Frederick – Chief Meteorologist

Adam Frederick - Chief Meteorologist

Adam Frederick was born in Mason City but left at an early age to go to Northern Michigan. “Near the tip of the Lower Peninsula, we would get a lot of lake effect snow. Every year about 140 inches of snow would fall.” As he tells people, “When you grow up around that much snow, you can’t help but become interested in the weather.”

When life took Adam to Eastern Iowa, he discovered all of the severe weather that Iowa had to offer. It was at this point that he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in meteorology. Since he liked the behind-the-scenes aspects of movies and TV, combined with an interest in computers, TV weather seemed like the logical choice for him. Adam decided to shoot for his dreams and attended Iowa State University majoring in meteorology and minoring in journalism.

While at Iowa State pursuing his meteorology degree, he realized that he wanted to gain an understanding of the weather that you can’t learn from a textbook. That is when he decided that he wanted to chase storms as a hobby. After 40 tornadoes, Adam moved to Mason City to become a member of Storm Team Three and now works as their Chief Meteorologist. A few years have now passed and Adam has chased over 60 tornadoes, including the May 11th 2000 Dunkerton, Iowa tornado and the May 1st, 2001 Glenville May Day Twister.

He hopes that his experience with severe weather will further enhance severe weather coverage for KIMT viewers by being able to relate and explain what is currently happening and what is going to happen when severe weather threatens. Adam says, “Our goal at KIMT is to bring you the most accurate and fastest severe weather information to help keep you safe.”

While not on air Adam enjoys spending time with his daughters, Natalie and Macy, plus dog Winnie, building computers, creating web pages, and of course, chasing storms. “Don’t be surprised if some day you hear me reporting live about a storm near you,” says Adam.