Kay Schaefer – Meteorologist

Kay Schaefer - Meteorologist

Kay Schaefer was born and raised near St. Louis, MO. Early on she learned the wonder of weather as she sat with her grandmother on the porch, enjoying the storms and lightning. Kay also learned that weather can be exciting, but also needs to be respected. Her interest in weather brought her to Iowa State University where she pursued and received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.

After a short break, Kay continued her education at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. This time a degree in Journalism was the goal. And just a few classes shy of finishing that degree, the broadcast world came knocking on her door.

Kay’s first job was Chief Meteorologist in North Platte, NE. Rain, snow, tornadoes and blizzards…she forecasted it all! Now with experience of broadcasting severe weather and seeing the destruction that nature can cause…she knew the true importance of warning time and preparedness. Kay’s main goal each day is to prepare each and every viewer for their day. Whether they will need the rain slickers or a parka and even if they need to keep a weather eye to the sky for possible severe weather, Kay enjoys communicating the daily ups and downs of the weather.

Kay’s drive to experience new weather brought her to Medford, OR for her second job as Sunrise Meteorologist. While in Medford, she enjoyed the challenge of forecasting the coast, valleys, and mountains. The highest point on Interstate 5 (that runs from Canada to Mexico) is in that area…so winter driving was always interesting and a high priority! Also while in Medford, Kay got married to her husband Josh.

After another year of Pacific Northwest weather, Kay and Josh knew that it was time to move closer to home since both families live in the Midwest. So here we are in Mason City, IA. Kay is excited to see some active weather while preparing the public for their daily activities. Kay enjoys movies and music and loves visiting family and friends that are scattered across much of the US.

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